Máire Ní Chathasaigh

TG4 Irish Traditional Musician of the Year 2001

The doyenne of Irish harp players” - Scotland on Sunday

"The most interesting & original player of our Irish harp today"
- Derek Bell

About The Irish Harper Volume Two

Turlough Carolan or O'Carolan was the most famous of all the Irish harper-composers of his day, and his music continues to be the most popular ever composed for the harp in Ireland. It affords a great deal of scope to the creativity of the individual performer, since only Carolan’s melodies survive. This book contains original arrangements (with suggested fingering) of 24 of Carolan’s beautiful tunes, informed by Máire's knowledge both of the native Irish harp tradition and of baroque forms; a brief biography of Carolan; information about the pieces; and performance guidance.

The content of the book was amended and updated in May 2021.

The arrangements originally appeared on Máire’s 1994 CD with Chris Newman,
The Carolan Albums. “Restores the harp to its true voice." THE IRISH TIMES “Máire is the foremost modern interpreter of Carolan.” TAPLAS "In a plethora of Carolan records, this is the best.” FOLK ON TAP
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Standard: Intermediate to Advanced.

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Published by Old Bridge Music, 2001.
48 pages

The Carolan Albums CD sleeve

Extracts from reviews of the companion recording, The Carolan Albums

"A masterpiece of virtuosity... A must for any folk-related collection"
"If Máire wasn’t around, Irish harping would be so much the poorer. Her work… could be described as an attempt to restore the harp to its true voice… Unfussy, with all the spaces left empty and resonating, the long arm of the music reaches back into a noble tradition” THE IRISH TIMES
“Faultlessly played, with consummate skill and a perfect understanding of the grace and elegance of the music… Breathtaking. Máire’s… deep understanding of the music, combined with technical skill and passion mark her out as the foremost modern interpreter of Carolan” TAPLAS (Wales)
“A delight... The sheer excellence... sets standards which should be aspired to not only in this field but throughout folk music.” FOLKWRITE
“No one else could have done justice to such a project”
"Magnificent... in a plethora of Carolan records, this is the best”
“The playing of this duo exhibits a virtuosity and balance of expression combine with a simple elegance which has a reviewer running to the thesaurus in search of superlatives. Enchanting, expressive, a remarkable piece of work" TYKES NEWS

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"a masterpiece of virtuosity" - The Daily Telegraph

The Carolan Albums CD sleeve

Contents of The Irish Harper Volume Two

1. Carolan's Draught; 2. John O'Connor; 3. Colonel John Irwin (Planxy Irwin); 4. Hewlett; 5. Máire Dhall (Blind Mary); 6. Lord Inchiquin; 7. Morgan Magan; 8. Sí Bheag's Sí Mhor; 9. The Princess Royal; 10. John Drury; 11. Fanny Power; 12. Carolan's Concerto; 13. Maurice O'Connor; 14. Constantine Maguire; 15. Mr O'Connor; 16. Robert Jordan; 17. Bridget Cruise; 18. Frank Palmer; 19. Grace Nugent; 20. George Brabazon; 21. Kean O'Hara; 22. Madam Judge; 23. Eleanor Plunkett; 24. Baptist Johnston

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24 arrangements
of compositions by
Turlough O'Carolan


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